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bet calculatorBookmakers make a win on providing users with the betting service under the form of a betting margin or hold. On any betting event, the odds covering all possible outcomes will be calculated by the bookmaker in such a manner that no matter the result, the sportsbook keeps a part of the overall wagers placed on that market. Something similar to slot games which will give back winnings to players at a set rate (for example 98% returns to the player – the rest of the 2% would be the house hold). In case of betting exchanges where only winning bets are commissioned by the house, the principal is the same: while the odds are listed a offering a full return to players, the exchange makes money from that fee it applies to win bets.

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The Bookmaker Hold Calculator above lets punters quickly input the odds for any market listed by the sportsbook, which will return the implied probabilities used by the bookmaker and also the bookmaker hold or profit margin in percentage. If the value is positive, that is the profit aimed by bookmaker to make out of the total turnover on that betting market. A negative value on hold would mean the bookmaker is losing money, which is highly unlikely to find such odds at the same operator. This may happen however when combining odds from several bookies which use different estimations, and for this you can use our sure bet calculator to find bets which will return a profit no matter the result.