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bet calculatorThe Odds Conversion Calculator from BetCalculator.win is the quickest and easiest way to convert betting odds between various formats. The Odds Calculator lets you input any odds format or implied probability of an outcome and get the odds values in EU Decimal format, UK Fractions format, US American, Hong Kong, Malay and Indonesian format and percentage format.

Odds Converter
Type in / change any single value in the fields above to get immediate conversions to all other formats: Probabilities and betting odds formats Fractional, Decimals, American, Hong Kong, Malay, Indonesian.

This Betting Odds Converter allows punters to convert odds between the most popular formats used around the globe. Calculating your winnings based on any of these odds format can be done with out complete bet calculator which besides the simplest bet options, it can also calculate results for over 40 various bet types.